Soap Base Switch- Soya to Coconut-milk



I ditched the product aisle a couple years ago, when I stopped trusting the many unnecessary chemicals  the labels claim to contain.  I started creating my own body care products for personal use, and soon enjoyed them so much I began sharing them with others.  It has been an enjoyable exploration, infusing medicinal herbs & spices into daily use products, stepping into a more natural lifestyle.  


I began making soap with a soya-milk soap base.  It is a gentle, non-oily particulate base, that holds oil and herb scents well.  It is a little sweet, cools a little fast, but worked very well for my purposes, with no added oils to interfere with my infusions.  However i realize that not everyone can use soya milk and some are quite allergic to it.  I made the switch to Coconut Milk Soap Base about a year into soapmaking, and am overall thrilled that I did.  


I trust & believe in coconut milk for its rich nutrients, both delicious and topical, to heal all ages.  Saponified coconut-milk has almost no scent (not sweet like the soya).  It is important to note, for those that don't like coconut scent- this soap base smells nothing of coconut, and only smells of the nourishing added ingredients that the oils carry.  Because the oils in the coconut milk tend to coat the herbs and other essential oils, i doubled the ingredients in order to smell it strongly when the soap is dry.  But when it is used in the shower, doubly the amount of aromas and medecine are released from the coconut-milk oil.    It has a glossy finish when dry, which i had to get used to (i liked the matte finish of the soya milk), and some other soap-making differences, but i think it was a wise change.  Here, see the cacao oils meld with the coconut-milk oils, creating root-like structures, in Spanish Cocoa Bar.


For all those looking to order some islaRae soap, i do have both coconut milk and soya milk available for your request, just send me a personal message with your order and i'll switch it up as you like.  



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