Molded Soaps Made to Order
  • Molded Soaps Made to Order

    Made with all natural ingredients, our soap has a rich creamy lather & clean delivery of medicinal products, without added oils or bubbles.  The experience will become a favorite part of your morning routine.  With scents that pull on the heartstrings of islanders everywhere, it's a destination item that takes you there.  Coconut milk or glycerine base, with pure essential oils and botanicals only (no harmful parabens or 'scented oils')  IslaRae soap infuses with  hot process & also goes through a high heat in packaging, ensuring your safety with every step.  happy to provide for your family or special occasion.  Order in advance for guarantee of supply.  


    Scents ~ Latiya (seen here), Grounding Coffee, Niyok-Ylang, Hawaiian Lavender Charcoal, Spanish Cocoa, Marine Mint, Red Velvet Rose, Turmeric & Teatree, Holy Basil & Honey Glycerine


    Molds ~ Bird of Paradise, Serena, Kingfisher, Carabao