NEW islaRae Soap

islaRae has taken home care into her own hands! Giving up corporate products for good has led to new explorations in body care. The new soap line is made with Guam-grown ingredients, infused in a gentle soya milk soap base. Only the highest quality essential oils are used, organic ingredients, hand cut and hand ground, naturally colored. Fragrance oils & color dyes are never used in islaRae artisan products.

Individual bars can be purchased at islaRae's two locations, or a special order mix can be put together for a gift. Online the soap is offered in a Midi-Loaf, which cuts into 4 medium-sized bars. Each loaf is handmade by islaRae & double-wrapped to preserve freshness. Try each infusion to find your favorite! New! Elements & Dessert Lines are listed below...

The Elements Line ~ Gold, Silver, Marine, & Earth Bars

Gold Bar Tonifying turmeric, antiseptic teatree, nutrient rich red palm oil, & energizing bee pollen Infused in a mild soy-milk soap base. Made with local ingredients of hand-ground turmeric root & raw honey. Bathe in golden sunlight manifest, with Gold Bar. shop here

Silver Bar

Calming Hawaiian Lavender & Toxin-absorbing Charcoal, infused in a mild soy-milk soap base. Made with true Hawaiian Lavender essential oil. Cool & Clarify with the properties of Silver Bar. shop here

Marine Bar

Take a trip to Lost Pond, or a dip in the deep open sea. Marine Bar is infused with nutrient-rich blue-green algae, japanese kombu sea kelp & peppermint essential oil, in a mild soy-milk soap base. Kombu Japanese cultivated sea kelp & rare high-quality blue-green algae is high in iron, vitamin E and other building blocks to health. Refresh and Strengthen with Marine Bar. This bar is an islaRae favorite, has a rich creamy lather and a soft sea-mineral scent. shop here

Earth Bar

The richness of Gold Bar plus the cooling & absorbent properties of silver Bar, add Guam-grown coffee.

With a rich nutty scent like the ground after the rain, Earth Bar is infused with local hand-ground turmeric, teatree, charcoal, Hawaiian lavender & moisturizing guam-grown coffee. Scrub & Reground with Earth Bar. shop here

The Dessert Bars ~ Latiya, Red Velvet

Latiya Bar

Cleansing comfort, Latiya Bar is infused with tonifying vanilla & hand-ground cinnamon, smells good enough to eat! shop here

Red Velvet Bar

As decadent as its edible counterpart, Red Velvet Bar is infused with actual red velvet cake ingredients & soaponified rosewater. Treat yourself with cake! shop here

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