Café Jewel

Ask a jeweler to refinish a bar... I had the chance for Illy Coffee, Tea and Espresso represented here on Guam. Seems more to me like play than work!

Mission: create a self-serve bar to showcase Illy brand espresso machine & merchandise, starting with an existing wood framework. I roughly sanded the pre-painted surface, and applied an "Italian tile" floor vinyl with adhesive and staple gun. Next I cut aluminum stair edging to cover the seams, and filed all edges so they were soft to the touch. Finishing up - a stainless steel rail, casters, and some special cafe touches. Almost want to make another one for myself! Although i focus my work on body adornment, i have spent decades on freelance interior design & refinishing, and don't think i'll ever stop making great spaces, corporate or privately.

Contact me to level up a space in your work or home, for a custom touch.

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