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Words just can't describe the feeling of excitement, magic and ancient peace that is found at the Valley of the Latte. Each event creates a safe, intimate and loving family environment where artisans, craftsmen, culturalists and visitors are sharing hands-on, while in the midst of ancient villages, artifacts, and scenic ecological preserve. Biba Valley of the Latte!!! and many thanks to everyone who make it such a wondrous place.

Saina Ma'ase ~ si Rae

I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi ~ Canoe Festival Oct.1 & 2, 2016

Si Yu'os Ma'ase I Fietan Sahyan Tasi

& Valley of the Latte Guam

...for another meaningful event!

islaRae had the honor of being an invited artist & vendor on the sceneic Talofofo River. Nestled among ancient latte villages and right beside the beautiful new nipa hut, some beautiful stories were created. Top favorite memory from this Valley of the Latte event- harmonizing with Master Blacksmith Saina Lizama, as we both remembered to bring our harmonicas this time around. We were serenaded by his beautiful renditions of Oh Shenandoa, Over the Rainbow... I learned a little more tunes to try out. We both vowed to master Fanoghe Chamoru and more local tunes for our next sitting. So many memorable moments & so much familia, my cup overfloweth. Feeling filled up, many thanks! ~ Si Rae

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