V/M Days

V/M stands for Visual Merchandising. Unlike the long process of jewelry making, creating installations for visual merchandising is instant & fresh. This is my play, I really enjoyed designing my own shop in Monterey for that reason, and being able to do different seasonal displays for the windows & cases, here are some below...

When I was living in San Diego, among others I freelanced for Napoleon Perdis, an Austrailian cosmetician, in Los Angeles. It was exciting to do the seasonal themes & displays in his Hollywood Blvd shop, as well as the Century City and San Francisco locations. Also I did some "shooshing" as he called it, for products like his Madame Curl-Curl Masquera, Love Bites Berry lip gloss, and kukui nut balm. The theme I chose for his February Emmy red carpet debut- rose in the snow. I also had the pleasure of doing interior design for Napoleon's Hollywood Cosmetics Academy, and his head offices in that location.

I have worked on both corporate spaces and private homes, murals, refinishing, faux finishing & reupholstering. Contact me if you need a fresh aesthetic for your showspace or home, and put my experienced eye to work!

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