cereal killers

Picture this, a guy floats a cornflake in a bowl of water, then leads it around the bowl with a simple magnet. He then dumps the entire box of cereal with water into a blender, and transfers the remaining "smoothie" to a clear ziploc bag. Next he puts the same magnet to the side of the bag, and about a tablespoon of black metal particles emerge to the surface of the cereal sludge. Is this real?!? metal particles in our everyday trusted household items? It is true, i tried it myself on a box of CornPops- yellow, fluffy, lightweight- couldn't be heavy metals in there, right? Guess again.

I was shocked, but not surprised to learn that heavy metals are unnecessarily placed in snack foods, cereals and many other family foods. Foods labeled "vitamin enriched" or "added nutrients" "with added vitamins" contain added iron, copper, industrial elements, and scientificaly developed food additives, such as Red No.5 or Yellow No.10- much of which is made of insect or animal extractions. our bodies can't process these heavy metals, they stay within us, and acccumulate.

By eating these foods we regularly make ourselves susceptible to these electro magnetic frequencies- radiation waves used mostly for radio stations, satellite & cell phone communications. These waves are set to certain frequencies, able to mimic and disrupt the inner vibrations of the human body.

the Earth naturally has its own electro magnetic frequency, which we are all attuned to. in fact, if the earth didn't have this resonance, we wouldn't have functioning compasses, gravity, and even energy. But there are man-made waves that prove to be more dangerous.

The human body is already a perfect natural conductor for electricity, but there are things in our daily lives that make us increasingly vulnerable to hazardous EMFs. We have been warned to use our devices at a certain range, because of the radiation created when the waves pass through our bodies. Many people living by cell and radio towers suffer from unknown illnesses and nausea, and mire susceptible to getting forms of cancer. The EMFs go through our body disrupting our cells and turning them into cancer cells, and then into tumors.

The conductivity issue also brings to mind individual trackability, and already proven scientific warfare techniques such as emotional manipulation and voice-to-skull communication, aka mind control.

By allowing/introducing these high-powered utilities into our neighborhoods, we open ourselves up to unlimited potentials for inflicted damage, as easily as we can call each other on the phone.

learn more about EMF mind manipulation here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le7fMKHBlOs

Here are some ways to protect yourself from EMFs to a limited degree ~

- live 3-5 miles away from power lines, radio and cell towers, and satellite stations

- house your power meter as far away from your home as possible. a minimum radius of 90ft is safest

- begin to cleanse your body of heavy metals that have accumulated over a lifetime of trusting corporate food, and avoid most processed food, especially with additives.

just because it appears that we have a wide range of choice when it comes to the processed food we eat, most corporate food are made of a combination of the same ingredients, which include fillers, and additives. If left to corporate culture, and products made for mass consumption made up our entire diet, we would be fed no better than cattle.

here are some symptoms you might be experiencing EMF radiation ~

- spontaneous heating of the body during an otherwise cool time of day, and shared experiences of that

- glandular health problems, headaches and nausea, vertigo, confusion, dizzyness...

learn more about it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTpE5xVrP0I

I just touched on a number of very real concerns here, but don't take my word for it!

Please do your own research, and share what you learn

feel free to do your own cereal experiments! and post them please!

until i post my own, here are some links ~ ​​



and more about what is put in processed foods, here ~ http://top10grocerysecrets.com/2015-10-07-top-10-toxic-ingredients-in-childrens-cereal.html

*many thanks to Hydra671 for added EMF research

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