Just Desserts Soap Line & islaRae Soap Hearts

Introducing the Just Desserts home-care line by islaRae. Three nostalgic scents tug at our heartstrings as we bring their experience into our daily routine. Soft, silky bubbles are lightly scented with your favorite home-style cake or custard, using only the same ingredients you would eat.

Red Velvet & Rosewater ~ This scent has been in my heart for a long time, as it merges two worlds for me. The scent of Red Velvet Cake takes me to the Guam richness of beloved familia- to weddings, christmases, the love of family and of eras gone by. The Rosewater moves my heart in the way that only babies and grandmas can, It was a favorite scent of my own Grandmother. The scent of rose is said to have one of the highest vibratory healing resonance known to herbs. Combine these two scents & i am transported to nana's pink-tile kitchen, with her rose soaps sitting by the sink, and the scent of red velvet cake in the oven. (better stop bc i'm already tearing up!)

Latiya ~ For those who have not tried it, Latiya is Vanilla Custard Sponge-Cake lightly spiced with cinnamon. Like most cakes, it was introduced to Guam during the Spanish Era (read more here at Guampedia). Latiya is deliciously simple yet comforting, as cinnamon and vanilla infused in a light, silky lather. Smell the freshness of the hand-ground cinnamon, and warm the senses. Latiya takes me to church gatherings, birthdays, warm blankets and hard-working but tender hands.

​​Chocolate House Soap ~ Like many other Spanish-colonial nations, Guam's villages are sprinkled with relics of that time. Most notably is the Plaza de España in central Hagåtña. Among the arched pathways and mossy walls lies the "Chocolate House", a tiny gazebo-like structure where it is said the Spanish Ladies sat, with their cotton skirts and laced mestiza, drinking their spanish cocoa. This is the inspiration for islaRae Spanish Cocoa Soap, made of pure cacao and hand-ground cinnamon in coconut milk, sweetened by a bit of organic raw honey.

Read more about this scent here.



Just Desserts Combo Sets

islaRae makes other products in the Just Desserts line, such as lip scrub or candles. seen below-

Red Velvet Rosewater Soap / RedVelvet Lip Scrub

Introducing islaRae Soap Hearts!

these adorable hearts are bake-sale worthy and look good enough to eat! They come in all islaRae scents, and are fun to combine for the perfect gift. ​

Just Desserts GIft Box Set of 3

Choose any 3 islaRae Heart Soaps for a unique gift box of treats, that show your loving care.

Showing ones you love them with a daily caring memento, you get your Just Desserts.

Available in small batches soon for purchase here, islaRae is always available for custom orders, and can also make bulk orders for party favors, or corporate gift sets. Contact islaRae here.