islaRae Lip Scrubs !

Introducing islaRae Lip Scrubs, made to refresh & refine your lips, and uplift your mood. Three grades of raw organic sugar crystals help to exfoliate chapped lips, with nourishing ingredients that have been used for centuries for their unique properties. Made with a special blend of raw sugars, honey, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil and essential oils, they are actually edible, so feel free to enjoy licking your lips clean after you use these luscious scrubs. Four flavors include Red Velvet, Hawaiian Lavender, Coco Mint, and Local Coffee.

All of the above will soon be ready for purchase islaRae is always available for custom orders, and can also make bulk orders for party favors, or corporate gift sets. Made fresh and in small batches, catch them when you can Contact islaRae here.

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