About the Soap

I ditched the product aisle a couple years ago, when I stopped trusting the many unnecessary chemicals the labels claim they contain. I started creating my own body care products for personal use, and soon enjoyed them so much I began sharing them with others. It has been an enjoyable exploration, infusing medicinal herbs & spices into daily use products, stepping into a more natural lifestyle.

I currently use a glycerin coconut milk soap as a base for my creations. It is free of palm oil, parabens, detergents or added bubble chemicals. It creates a light, creamy lather which feels luxuriously rich yet washes off squeaky clean.

I trust & believe in coconut milk for its rich nutrients, both delicious and topical, to heal all ages. Saponified coconut-milk has a faint scent. It is gentle enough to allow the featured herbs to rise to the forefront of the experience.

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