Why islaRae

They say no man is an island,

but i know for certain, each woman is.

My name is Rebecca Rae, a multimedia artist & designer, born & raised on the island of Guam. With the island's striking natural beauty, i am constantly in awe of the blessings of our pacific arts lifestyle.

The island Anae rests off the shore of southern Agat, Guam. It's a kayak spot that has my heart, with its cavernous blue lagoons and connecting caves, as i grew familiar over the years, it became a happy-place my mind would venture to when away from home. Literally meaning "When?" in chamorro, the name A-nae always beckoned me to return.

The islaRae brand was born to create a sense of place, and grew from my mahalang, or longing for our island home. Online, I created a place i could go, a virtual island, isla Rae.

islaRae.net is an online portfolio, story-sharing platform, and creative outlet,

a place to build my rich inner world, and to share with others the beauty and awareness of our island home, Guam and the Mariana's Archipelago. I credit Guam for my striking Pacific aesthetic, as Guam made me, and in making artworks and providing my service to the community, i give back to Guam my offerings.

islaRae's mission: to inspire reflection, respect and care for our island home through works of nature-inspired wearable art, lifestyle goods, and textiles designed by islaRae and a select group of artisans.

islaRae keeps a high standard in workmanship, using lasting, gem-quality materials, making authentic & one-of-a-kind designs. I create valued heirlooms, and am honored to be of service with the fruits of my labor. These are my offerings, welcome to islaRae.

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