Raising Awareness

If you've followed me in the past, you'll know that i'm a poster of few words. I aim strongly to simplify the message. The less wordy, the more poetic, the more powerful it becomes.

But there is more to say, and not all the pictures I paint are light. I believe it is the responsibility of the Artist to shine their light into darkness, to illustrate imbalances in our society- a modern shaman who points the way to a brighter future.

It is through the arts that many find ways to speak, when words are not enough. i've waited long enough, held back too much... there is much to catch up on. I use art to awaken the inherent memory, to crack the firmament of the mind... but when art is not enough, i use my words.

Here, you'll find my explorations toward decoding doctrination, human sovereignty, sharing links which have opened my eyes, and

my personal path's revellations.

All I post here are my own words, but please dont take my word for it. Do your own research, and bring whatever you learn to our table.

I hope these contributions inspire conversation, encourage others to speak up in their own voice, and breathe the light of awareness into all, so that we may be more fully empowered to ascend as a united humanity. Good Rising ~si Rae

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