Dollars & Sense ~ Deeper Value

Often people assume when one works in gold and gemstones that that's what a person values. I assure you being a jeweler is not a glamorous job, as you hands are almost always blackened with polishing compound, calloused fingertips, tight shoulders & nails forever nicked.

It's easy to get caught up in the idea of jewelry & fashion, but being a jeweler is a totally different industry than either of those. The jewelry & fashion industry will always be there ever growing and consuming, innovating and recycling.

Yet I come to this physicality with the understanding that it's all part of the Veil- that physical manifestation of our reality that we can see and touch.

Jewelry making is a trade skill that i enjoy, it's one in my arsenal of skills. Shaping metal, using a torch, & power tools has been a privilege, and i'm honored to have the opportunity to learn & share such things.

But even in learning to work with great materials

in essence, i am an artist. In this superficial world of commodification, it's easy to turn art into merchandise. But to use a trade skill whilst keeping the integrity of art, that is the challenge.

You will probably never see me dripping with jewelry on a usual day, but i am inclined to wear a piece for energetic purposes or sentimental value. I value the diamantine sparkle in a drop of water more than a diamond, and aspire to live a simple artisan lifestyle, with minimal desires and needs. I'm good at details and value handicraft- that's probably why i've arrived here.

in times of uncertainty i have four questions, goals & priorities in this life- i ask myself:

  1. did I Inspire

  2. did I Innovate

  3. did I Assist

  4. did I Love

My work exists to inspire others to bring awareness & add value to the natural & etheric world,

to show there is more to feel, to know, more to explore, and always more opening to do.

I take decent photos, & post plenty of jewelry & manifested beauty, girl’s gotta make a buck!

But moreover, I hope all my posts can give a seed of learning to those ready to receive.

So although the gold may cost more than other materials,

it’s a higher value i’m after, not in the dollar, but always making Sense

~ si Rae

*learn more about the jewelry making process here

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