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Homegrown & Hand Picked, meet the Artisans of islaRae    

"We create with our hands & hearts, these are our offerings."

Isla Rae

"Multimedia fine artist, sculptor & designer, I create contemporary Pacific-inspired wearable arts.  


"Cultivating a spiritual connection to Nature is essential to our well being.  I aim to inspire appreciation & preservation of the many blessings of our natural world.  

The symbols we carry with us represent our values.  Values become treasures, as I carry striking natural island beauty & powerful Pacific curves into a future vision.


Corcoran College of Art & Design 1998

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor since 2003

GIA Certified Jeweler/Gemologist 2005

Born & Raised on Guam

Sinahi  Guam

Featured Artisan

"The perpetuation of the legacy of our Chamoru ancestors is my motivation in creating three-dimensional Chamoru body ornamentation.

I carve aboriginal Chamoru body ornamentation indigenous to the Mariana Islands, namely Sinahi Amulets (Giant Clam Shell/Hima) and Bracelets and Spondylus Shell Amulets. Mediums consist of; tridacna gigas - giant clam shell, spondylus oyster shell, shell, bone and wood.


"Many raindrops make a mighty ocean!

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