* NEX Navy Exchange, Sumay, Guam

* Valley of the Latte Adventure Park

       Latte Hut Gift Shop & Valley Events

       Talofofo River Mouth, Talofofo, Guam

       Valley of the Latte on Google Maps

       visit valleyofthelatte.com

* Your Home, Office, or Event

     Interior Design, Consultation, Sourcing & Installation

     Custom Prints for Upholstery, Walls & Curtains

* Host an ISLARAE Trunk Show for your next gathering.


* Your Favorite Coffee Shop ~ Let's Talk!

     Consultation Custom Jewelry Design Portfolio

     Sample Prints Portfolio

     Gem Identification & Consultation

*Book Studio & Workshop Time

    View IslaRae's private collections, schedule a creative consultation, photoshoot or fitting.  ~ Contact me here

Guam Locations

Valley of the Latte Talofofo Guam
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