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Stay Safe Guam,

As we move through this unsettling time.

Festivals & Events are on hold.

Please Don't hesitate to reach out,

I am happy to be of service in any way.

Ma'Ase, ~si Rae

Si Yu'os Ma'ase 

Valley of the Latte River Festival II

"I Fiestan Sayan Tasi II"

Si Yu'os Ma'ase for another dreamy weekend.  Watching new eyes open to the beauty and bounty of the Talofofo River, welcoming friends of old, meeting revered healers, precious stories shared, unexpected creative liasons, the freshest smoked eggplant, rancheru serenades & harmonica lessons from master blacksmith saina Lizama, in the shade of pink ginger... i see butterflies! theres no place like home.  Feeling so blessed in dreamy Guahan.  Many Thanks Valley of the Latte, and the Villages of Talofofo & Inarajan ~ April 2015-2019

Si Yu'os Ma'ase 

Sagan Kotturan Chamoru

for hosting the 9th Annual

Chamorro Lunar Calendar Festival, "Gupot Fanha'aniyan Pulan CHamoru"

Saturday, January 21st, 2017


Si Yu'os Ma'ase

I Fiestan Sahyan Tasi

& Valley of the Latte Guam 

...for another meaningful event.  So many memorable moments & so much familia, my cup overfloweth.  Feeling filled up, many thanks.

Please Join us for future  Valley of the Latte events


Si Yu'os Ma'ase 

12th Annual

Festival of the Pacific Arts 2016

It was an honor to represent Guam

as a Visual Arts Delegate

an experience like none other,

Thank you to all the delegates, dignitaries and volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen.  Biba Oceania!  

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Manifesting Health ~ si Rae