Bird of Paradise Soap

Bird of Paradise Soap

Made with all natural ingredients, IslaRae soap has a rich creamy lather with clean delivery of medicinal products. The experience will become a favorite part of your morning routine, with ingredients that resonate with islanders everywhere.  Coconut milk base, with pure essential oils and botanicals only (no harmful parabens, 'scented oils' or extra bubbles)  IslaRae soap infuses in a hot-process & is also heat-packaged, ensuring your safety with every step.  


Molded soaps are offered in Bird of Paradise, Serena, Kingfisher, & Carabao shapes.  IslaRae is happy to provide for your family or special occasion.  


Scents ~ Latiya (seen here), Grounding Coffee, Niyok-Ylang, Hawaiian Lavender &Charcoal, Spanish Cocoa, Marine Mint, Red Velvet Rose, Turmeric & Teatree, Holy Basil & Honey Glycerine


IslaRae soaps are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, if not in stock.  We will personally update you on your order status.