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Gemology ~ Come Play With Me

What is it about shiny objects that we are attracted to? This is not just a human trait, as other species like fish and birds share our affinity to light-catching objects. The way a material captures light seems to hold an unexplained magic. Since I was a child I remember being captivated by quartz crystals sparkling in the playground gravel. Now with the microscope, I explore tiny landscapes uncannily similar to their macro counterparts -seeing mountain ranges, valleys, whispy clouds, liquid and gas bubbles, even tiny creatures trapped inside, a frozen moment in time. Each detail tells a different story -whether or not a gemstone is natural, lab-grown, or glass. What does that find tell about the history of the land. What was the natural phenomenon that created that stone, and which minerals were present for the miracle of color to happen? Personally I have never been a girl for bling, or faceted stones, but learning brought a new appreciation for each gem and it's unique characteristics, and the wondrous ways nature has manifested. I can identify gemstones, grade diamonds, but for me gemology is another way to study the language that the universe has woven into form.

Looking for a specal stone to commemorate a moment for your loved one? Have an heirloom stone that needs a redesign? islaRae is proficient in both hand forming and 3D custom design, so anything you can imagine, can be created.

Contact me to schedule a consultation.

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