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islaRae at Guam Museum, FestPac 2016

Guam Museum in Hagatna opened its doors to the public for the first time during Festival of the Pacific 2016.

Isla Rae was honored to be an Exhibiting Delegate of Visual Arts

colorpencil drawings hung by industrial steel chains, mounted with silver bolts between thick plexiglass.

A rust-printed diptych, two paneled, is titled "Industry". Delicate and powerful lionfish camoflague within the natural prints of rusted metal on whitewashed panel. The rusted metal shapes used in this print were found at Guam's Port Authority. The piece calls to mind the recent dredging of the port, and life's fragility in the balance. Since the festpac exhibit this piece has gone on to exhibit at Valley of the Latte Gallery in Talofofo. this piece is available, see details here

A freestanding jewelry display case installation, entitled "Bonds" which included industrial steel chains weighing down coral, shackled to a Doube Softcoral Ring with blue topaz & aqua coloring.

A tag sits, only lightly tethered to the coral, saying "property of US Government". This piece was impactful as it brought moving stories back to me, of outer island delegates pointing to it and expressing "this is how i feel" in regards to their experience under US security.


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